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Leave A Legacy

Planned GivingLEAVE A LEGACY Summit Portage Medina is pleased to again offer a series of workshops on Planned Giving in 2021.

The series will be presented at the basic level. Building upon the information presented in previous classes, each type of planned gift will be reviewed in detail, and then new information about additional techniques will be added. The instructors will walk you through how each new technique works and how it fits into the donor’s estate plan. Marketing techniques will also be discussed.

AFPNEOThis is a great opportunity for staff members who are new to planned giving to learn from the experts, or for seasoned staff who just want a refresher course. 

Members of LAL/AFP save $10 per session. Each session has been approved for 1.5 CFRE credits/7.5 credits total. Click here for documentation.

Breakfast from Panera's will be provided at each session.

Wednesdays | 8:30 - 10:00 am
September 15 - October 13

  • September 15: Wills and Revocable Living Trusts
  • September 22: Charitable Gift Annuities and Strategies
  • September 29: Gifts of Marketable Securities and Gifts of IRAs And Qualified Plans
  • October 6: Gifts of Insurance and Gifts of Real Estate
  • October 13: Donor Advised Funds and Gift Acceptance Policies

Our thanks to Huntington Bank for hosting the workshops!

Huntington Training Room
3421 Ridgewood Road, Fairlawn directions

$30 each session for members of LAL/AFP | $40 each session for non-members

Register for all five workshops and receive one FREE.

Reservation/Cancellation Deadline: 
Friday before the session, 4:00 pm

Each session has been submitted for 1.5 CFRE credits/7.5 credits total.

If you have any questions, please contact Liz Ganocy, Project Director, at 330-990-5027 or email liz@leavealegacyspm.org

Wednesday, September 15| 8:30 - 10:00 am
Wills and Revocable Living Trusts

The first instructor will walk attendees through how wills are drafted; discuss the rules of descent and distribution, codicils, pour-over wills; and explain how to leave a bequest in your will.

The second instructor will explain how and why to set up a revocable living trust and explain the parts of a trust: the granter, the trustee, and the beneficiaries. He will also discuss the duties of a trust advisor; the legal requirements of a revocable living trust; the rights of a beneficiary; and the fiduciary duty of the trustee. Finally, he will explain how to leave a gift to a charity in your trust.



Wednesday, September 22 | 8:30 - 10:00 am
Charitable Gift Annuities and Strategies

The instructor will explain how CGA’s are set up, including the contract between the donor and the charity. The discussion will also include the charity’s responsibility to make annuity payments, how payments are calculated, how a charitable deduction is calculated, what kind of assets can be used to set up a CGA, and what happens when the donor dies.


  • Toby Blossom, Vice-President - Senior Relationship Manager, Huntington Bank


Wednesday, September 29 | 8:30 - 10:00 am
Gifts of Marketable Securities and Gifts of IRAs And Qualified Plans

The first instructor will give an overview of publicly traded stocks and bonds, and discuss how they are used for charitable gifts. He will also discuss market fluctuation, market timing, and the rules for determining the value of the gift, and discuss concerns about accepting restricted stock as a charitable gift.

The second instructor will give an overview of qualified plans and charitable IRAs and discuss how they can be used as charitable gifts. He will discuss the current regulations and restrictions governing these charitable gift options. Because of the new tax regulations, charitable IRA distributions are especially beneficial to the donor. What are the tax benefits to the donor?



Wednesday, October 6 | 8:30 - 10:00 am
Gifts of Insurance and Gifts of Real Estate

The first Instructor will discuss how and why you would gift an insurance policy to a charity, including the benefits to the donor as well as to the charity that owns the insurance policy on the donor’s life. What are the risks to the charity? Which is better: gifts of existing policies or gifts of new policies? Pros and cons are discussed.

The second instructor will discuss using real estate as a charitable gift. He will review using residential, vacation homes, commercial property, and raw land as a charitable gift. What are the concerns that need to be addressed with each choice? Who is responsible for the appraisal? He will also discuss life estates, bargain sales, appraisals, and CERCLA regulations.


  • Dell Judd, Financial Advisor, Vantage Financial Group
  • Greg Bean Esq., Attorney - Estate Planning & Probate Group, Stark and Knoll


Wednesday, October 13 | 8:30 - 10:00 am
Donor Advised Funds and Gift Acceptance Policies

The first instructor will explain how donor advised funds work, how they are funded, and the limitations for the use of distributions from the fund. He will also discuss the advantages to the donor and benefits to the charity. How do donor advised funds compare to family foundations? What is the impact of the new tax legislation on donor advised funds?

The second instructor will discuss why gift Acceptance policies are important to a charity and what should be included to protect the charity from receiving problem assets Also included will be discussions of real estate gifts, collectibles, and other assets that need to be addressed in a gift acceptance policy. Finally, who should be responsible for drafting the gift acceptance policy and who should be included in its review?




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